Scatter Symbols in Slot Games Explained

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This handy guide should really help you differentiate the terms that you hear and see within slot gaming. Not many resources are available online to help decipher slot game terminology such as the scatter symbol in much depth, so you are in for a rare treat indeed. Every player needs it because we all were beginners at one point and we certainly did not know everything that was needed from the get-go of our experience.

Make sure you continue reading this if you are intrigued to understand more about slot site games, the scatter symbol jargon and how to integrate them within your everyday gaming. Guaranteed when you know their full potential, you will most definitely be wanting these bad boys to appear every single day, and every single second. They are a pretty huge bonus feature that can help you define okay gaming, from amazing and entertaining gaming.

What is the value of a scatter symbol?

The value of a scatter symbol is different within each and every game that you play. Slot games will often keep scatter symbols as a part of the bonus features within a game, meaning you should not find too much of a difference in its contribution to your game. However what the function could provide to your gameplay will differ from game to game, of course. It is really important that you understand fully what a scatter symbol’s contribution is to your game, as if you do not, you could find that a chunk of your gaming experience will be missing and therefore your entertainment will be limited.

Scatter symbols are really important for any slot game because they can make your game special and lead you into a series of bonus additions to your gaming. A mistake that many players repeat constantly is entering a slot game and not actually knowing which symbol qualifies as the scatter symbol. For that reason, it is always better that you go into a slot game and ensure that you read through the game directions and brief introduction before playing for real money. Bonus options that you can pick up additionally from your game, include the free spins rounds, which can either be free turns for no bets on your part, or you can be taken to a bonus round within the game and play entirely from the free spins bonus round – see it like an extension to your gaming basically.

Scatters are key for making big money within your game so you have to be clear on how and where you can get this advantage when you play your online slots games.

Why are they called scatter symbols?

They are called scatter symbols because they essentially can trigger a win within your paylines, without the need of having three matching combinations. There will need to be at least one scatter symbol for this combination to work out, and usually once you see the first scatter symbol, the bonus contribution will be immediately triggered within the games.

Scatter symbols take after their names because you will only find use of them, when they do what they are supposed to do, and that is to scatter across those reels of yours!

How do you spot one?

Spotting a scatter symbol is not hard at all, once you are used to what they do and how they appear in your reels. Again, the scatter symbol will appear differently in each game you play so it is important to read the full slot game disclosure so you can understand the high values such as the scatter symbol, from the low values, such as the general symbols within the game. Do not be surprised to see that the scatter symbol within the game actually takes after the game’s actual logo, as many of the slot games actually do that, to keep the game as original as possible. They may also use the logo as the wild symbol, yet that is another story for another day.

siberian storm slot with scatter symbols

Some games will make it very clear to you when it comes to identifying the slot symbols and their contributions to the game. For example, the game Siberian Storm, clearly labels the game round a ‘bonus round’ when the scatter symbol comes into play, so you will know that the symbol is essential and a special one when it comes to your gaming exploits. Other occasions, we will also see symbols such as the character of the game you are playing, if it takes after a special cartoon character for example i.e. Pink Panther.

We think you will have probably gathered how slot games can be super different and unique by now and that it may be slightly overwhelming for you, for which we are sorry about. However, they do say that gaming habits are defined in the beginning of your experience, and for that reason you will find that the sooner you squish any doubts and ignorance, the better your gaming will get with time. Often, the best slot players are the ones that have managed to gain their knowledge and understanding of all the characteristics of slot machines. Meaning if you want to be right up there with the best, you need to get studying from now. Demo play is often the best way to adjust to any slot game and luckily for you it will always be found at any casino site new or old, just as long as you have registered and created a working account with them. Then you can practice and play to your heart’s content.

How do scatter symbols actually work?

Scatter symbols have a huge role within slots, as you will probably discover for yourself the more you play. However, their precise function operates according to the kind of game that you are playing overall. Using the Doctor Love game title as an example, you will see that the symbol that represents the scatter is the love metre. To get the free spins feature within your game, you will need to look out for three scatter symbols of the love metre, to land randomly across your reels. From there you will immediately get 10 free spins to play with, and also the sum of your jackpot would be increased if you happen to manage to get an extra scatter symbol to land within the reel too.

doctor love slot with scatter symbol

Four scatter symbols will give you 15 free spins, and the maximum scatter symbol combination of 5, will give you 20 free spins. It is of course very difficult to land these sequences within your reel at any given time, as you will have no control over what happens when the game is live and in action. It will all be down to the hands of fate and the random number generator that the online casino games happen to run on to ensure everything is of fair outcome.

There are examples however, where the game will be completely fixed in terms of scatters and the free spins relationship. There are even cases where the free spins can be retriggered and ultimately played all over again, if just one scatter comes in your reel once again. Of course, you cannot guarantee it, just play and wait and see. Yet, do not be surprised if your reel kind of goes into a frenzy once the scatter spins all come through within your reel – that tends to happen. When one scatter comes in, the next will follow.

Scatter variations

Free spins are very common when you land scatter symbols. That is just a fact and something to expect when you play. There is also the possibility to see other bonuses come through within your reels, like a pick a game feature where you will be able to pick out a prize exclusively to you, due to the success and luck that the scatter spins brought to your reel. The variations of options that you can get from your scatters will again, all depend on the game itself that you are playing and how the rules go. It is very normal to find out that just one scatter symbol changed your fortunes within the game completely, so do not underestimate the power of scatter symbols. They are pretty awesome for you and your user experience overall.

They do get complicated at times

This is just a fact unfortunately. Some slot games will be superior in the payout that they can give you, alongside the themes being fairly straightforward at times, where in other cases you will find things turn super crazy and pretty much make it super hard and complex for you to follow through. It is just the nature of slots, not one game is the same, nor do the scatter symbols have the same relevance and contribution.

koi princess slot with scatter symbol

The game Koi Princess is a good example of how things can get super complex with time when you play it. This game has shown how scatters are used differently to alternate the bonuses that are available to you when you play. For example, in the game there is a series of four rounds that activate your bonuses. You will need to make sure that you activate a series of scatter symbols to even be considered for the next round and the bonuses that proceed from there on. You will only need the scatters to activate the first round and only the first round. After that, it is the wilds that you should consider pushing you through to the next part of the bonus. Don’t know your wilds from your scatters? Make sure to check out our common casino jargon, which will give you the full low-down on wilds and what to expect when you play with them.

Do all games have scatter symbols?

The answer to this is, not always. For example, when you play classical slots, you will see that the games do not have any scatters at all, and in fact are very simple, running on the three-symbol combination to activate a winning round. This is due to only having one payline within the game. Classical slots are very simplified so it would be difficult to integrate scatter symbols within a game that is not complex nor has the place and space to incorporate scatter symbols.

Other video slots will be based on classical casino games like poker, meaning the theme will try to stick to the classical game set up of that, rather than play with it too much and steer away from how classical the game is supposed to be. Therefore, there is no need for any scatter to be integrated within the game at all. However, it does not have to be for this reason only that a scatter symbol is not included within the game. Software developers could have decided that the user experience is far better without one and therefore there is no need for one. This should suggest to you that scatter symbols are by no means a rule within any game, but if they are, they sure do make your gaming far nicer and better overall.

What is the difference between a wild and a scatter?

Wild symbols and scatters will always be confused between one another. The reason being is that they both correlate to the bonus features that a game has to offer you as a player. You should know by now what a scatter is after reading our comprehensive list, now it is time to summarise a wild just so you don’t get confused by the two. A wild symbol is something that substitutes itself within the reels of your slot game. This can therefore make a winning combination for you as it mirrors the missing symbol that you need to make a complete combination. It will of course do the same job, however it will also multiply the value of the regular symbol and increase that, to give you more winnings by the end of it.

If, however, you manage to make a winning combination from three wilds, that can bring you anything from an instant cash sum which is yours to take away – usually the jackpot of the game, if there is one. Or you will activate a bonus that is outside of the jackpot, that is yours to keep when the game is over. One wild is always celebrated, however if you get more than one, you always know that there is a possibility that you are in for a good ride within the game!

Author: Anthony Nelson